Flash adapters make it possible to attach your flashgun to a a wide variety of lenses. Most flashes already come supplied with an adapter but various other sizes are available

If you can’t find what you’re looking for then please contact us on 01707 329 999 or email sales@sigma-imaging-uk.com. Discontinued items may still be available from our Parts Department, please phone the number above or email service@sigma-imaging-uk.com.

Macro Flash Adapter

Part No.


Padded Case EM-140

Part No. CS0140


Soft Case For EF-140S SA-STTL Electronic Flash

Part No. CS0177


Off Camera Flash Stand

Part No. A00420


Flash USB Dock FD-11

This accessory is used to dock the EF-630 and update its firmware in the exclusive SIGMA Optimization Pro software. The dock is connected to a personal computer via a USB cable.

Part No.


USB Cable For FD-11

USB Cable AW8000 supplied with the dp Quattro cameras and FD-11. Available to order as a replacement.

Part No. AW8000