Why doesn’t the number of images remaining shown in the frame counter match the actual number of images I’m able to take?

The number of remaining images shown in the frame counter is only an estimate based on a fixed file size. However, all images are compressed in the camera. The RAW files use a lossless compression algorithm (meaning that the compression does not, in any way, degrade image quality). Therefore, the actual size (in megabytes) of …

What does formatting a CF card do?

Formatting a CF card erases all of the data on a CF card, including files, images and directory structures. Formatting a CF card may also repair a non-functioning card with corrupted data. Physical damage, faults or bad sectors cannot be fixed by formatting.

What do I do if the sensor gets dust on it? Can I clean the image sensor myself?

Although it is possible to remove the dust protector and clean the image sensor yourself (see the camera manual for instructions), we do not advise that you attempt this procedure yourself. Due to the extremely delicate nature of the image sensor, we strongly recommend that you contact an authorized Sigma Service Station to have the …

What is the mirror lock-up mechanism?

The mirror lock-up mechanism raises the mirror thus preventing vibration when the shutter is released. This prevents camera shake, and is especially effective for macro photography or landscape using extremely long telephoto lenses. Use of remote controller (sold separately) or cable release (sold separately) also reduces the possibility of camera shake.