I don’t seem to be able to select the electronic image stabilization setting.

You can select the electronic image stabilization on the fp only when the in-lens optical image stabilization is turned off. In addition, it may not be available to choose with certain settings, such as when shooting DNG or at extended ISO settings. When you place the cursor over an grayed-out item on the menu, a …

What is the feature called Colour Shading on the fp?

The feature is used to correct a phenomena where a shift in colour occurs near the edges of an image (i.e. colour shading). When you are using an L-Mount lens, colour shading is automatically corrected, although you can fine-tune it manually. The colour shading correction feature is also available with a lens attached using a …

What is the L-Mount Alliance?

Named the L-Mount Alliance, this is a partnership of an unprecedented nature that particularly benefits customers who use the partner companies’ products. This alliance allows Panasonic and SIGMA to develop their respective products using the L-Mount standard initially developed by Leica and offer cameras and lenses using this lens mount. L-Mount Alliance official website: https://l-mount.com/

Are the external parts replaced in the SIGMA fp Dial/Button Conversion Service now going to be fitted as standard to all future SIGMA fp cameras?

The original external parts incorporated in the SIGMA fp will not change in future production. The SIGMA fp Dial/Button Conversion Service is a customization service introduced to meet customers’ requests. Customers wishing to have these parts replaced with those of the SIGMA fp L will still need to use the service.