Why have these three companies decide to form the L-Mount alliance?

Panasonic and Leica have been in the long term partnership, and Panasonic and SIGMA have been having a regular communication through Micro 4/3 system. Panasonic being a middleman, the three companies which have their own established position and strengths that help them stand out from each other got together. Panasonic has high level of technologies in fields such as digitalization of cameras including autofocus and optical stabilization system. Leica has such high reliability and brand value proven by its long history and tradition. SIGMA, with its high level of product development and mass production system, has established an unique position in the industry for delivering a high performance lens line-up and cameras. The three companies are competitors who manufacture and sell cameras and lenses. However, when we consider each company’s standing point and strengths, there are very few areas where they interfere with each other. This is an exceptionally balanced partnership, and thus the three companies decided to form this alliance to utilize the versatile mount and provide a great benefit to various customers as the customers will now have access to a rich lens line-up and a comprehensive camera system.