Firmware Updates for the Nikon D5300

We are pleased to inform you that Sigma Imaging UK will provide a free firmware update service for customers who own Sigma lenses in Nikon mount and the Nikon 5300 digital SLR camera.  We discovered the recently announced Nikon 5300 may not work properly with the current firmware of our Nikon interchangeable lenses and have developed the solution needed to ensure our customers continue to have the freedom to use their favourite Sigma lenses of choice.  The latest firmware update fixes the OS and Live View Auto Focus functions which may not work properly when used with the Nikon 5300.  The firmware update will be provided to Sigma customers as a FREE service and will require the adjustment by our Service Support staff.  For our customers that own the latest Global Vision lenses and the Sigma USB Dock, it is possible to download the update using the Sigma Optimization Pro software.  This update will be included in all future dispatches from our Japan factory and will be properly marked as D5300 compatible.   The firmware updates cannot be applied to lenses that do not have an internal motor and some discontinued Sigma products we may not be able to offer the update due to the unavailability of related repair parts. 

For details on how to send your lens to our Service Department please follow the instructions on the attached link https://www.sigma-imaging-uk.com/returns

For detailed information on the SIGMA USB DOCK, please find it from the below link;

For the detailed information on the SIGMA Optimization Pro, please find it from the below link;