Explore your surroundings with the SIGMA fp – Charles Cave

Explore your surroundings with the SIGMA fp – Charles Cave

Charles Cave
Photographer & Musician

Have you ever stopped and taken a really good look at your surroundings?

During breaks in his busy touring schedule with the band White Lies, photographer Charles Cave spends his spare time immersed in photography. Taking his analogue film camera with him around the local area, documenting the ongoings of everyday life and moments of quiet distress, exploring the often-overlooked aspects of reality.

Photographer Charles Cave

Charles has curated for us an exclusive series of photos, to see if he can replicate his photography style using the SIGMA fp full-frame mirrorless camera, as he looks to expand his creative possibilities.

Find out information about the SIGMA fp in our quick 2-minute round-up and check out White Lies latest music video – Trouble in America, shot using the SIGMA fp!

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