SIGMA fp Camera accessories as reviewed by SCA Paul Monaghan

SIGMA fp Camera accessories as reviewed by SCA Paul Monaghan

SIGMA Imaging (UK) Ltd. has recently announced a great offer to coincide with the purchase of the SIGMA fp Camera. Customers can claim up to £289 worth of free accessories that will complement the world’s smallest full frame camera. There are two options to pick from and I’ve had the opportunity to try both. Here are my observations:


Option One – includes the SIGMA HG-21 Large Hand Grip, Spare battery BP-51, SIGMA BC-71 battery charger and the SIGMA CR-41 remote shutter.

This is a great bundle which is more suited to photographers and arguably the better one in my opinion. Let me tell you why;

Firstly the SIGMA HG-21 Large Hand Grip enlarges the size of the camera and makes the fp much more comfortable to use when it comes to larger lenses like the SIGMA 105mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art or if you are using the SIGMA 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN | Art lens and mounting 150mm filters onto it.


One downside to the SIGMA HG-21 Large Hand Grip though is that it can make it a little tricky to remove your SD cards. However, here’s a tip; add a little bit of tape to the card and that will give you a little something to grab making it much easier to remove.


The second item in this option is the BP-51 spare battery. An extremely useful item as it will extend the shooting time in stills or video when you have a back-up to use. However the third item, the SIGMA BC-71 battery charger is what excited me the most. It is actually powered via USB so you can charge your battery (outside of the camera) without the need for mains power by using a USB port in your car or even a power charger. That is really handy!


The last item in this option is the SIGMA CR-41 remote shutter which may not be something everyone will use but it is useful because it allows you to create a single shot exposure that is 5 minutes long on the SIGMA fp. You do this by setting the fp to bulb mode and using the locking feature on the SIGMA CR-41 remote.


Here’s an example of a long exposure shot using the SIGMA fp.


The remote also allows you to trigger the camera without actually touching it which helps with reducing vibrations or to avoid micro movements if shooting images to be stacked later.

Option two – The SIGMA LVF-11 LCD View Finder.


While this viewfinder makes for a more stable shooting platform for stills and video it does add a lot of bulk to the camera and it blocks out the touch screen focus ability. Plus, it isn’t easy to remove, you have to undo two screws using the supplied Alan keys or removing the base that its attached to.

For this reason, I feel that this option is more suited to video orientated people who are looking to build the SIGMA fp into cine rigs but that’s not to say it isn’t good for still shooters.

Looking at the rear LCD though the SIGMA LVF-11 LCD View Finder is amazing. It offers a much larger viewing screen than you would typically find on a mirror-less camera. To demonstrate this, I used my phone to shoot into an EVF of the SIGMA sd Quattro H and then the LVF-11 on the fp.


Using the LVF-11 LCD view finder does make for a nice experience not just because the larger view makes it easier to see what is in focus (particularity if using old manual focus lens) but also for the fact that you get an extra point of contact (your face) which makes shooting with it more stable than looking at the rear LCD from a distance.

You can also combine the LVF-11 LCD view finder with the SIGMA HG-21 Large Hand Grip although they are not available together in this offer.

Promotion Details: These two options are offered with any purchase a SIGMA  fp Camera – or – a SIGMA fp camera kit including the 45mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary lens from the 31st January until the 31st March 2020. The details along with the terms & conditions of the promotion are listed on the SIGMA fp Camera free accessories claim form. Visit one of our authorised UK stockists for more  more assistance or contact SIGMA UK T:01707329999.