Ian Wood

Ian Wood

IWood_thumbnailThere is something about having eye contact with these peaceful vegetarians that just makes you think. They are one of humankind’s closest relatives in the animal kingdom sharing 96.4% the same DNA as us. This perhaps gives us a moral obligation to ensure their survival. But more importantly they are a keystone species and a symbol for the threatened rain forests that are their home.

If we can protect the orangutan we also save literally millions of insects, thousands of plants and hundreds of birds and mammal species. But ultimately we also help human beings. These forests are important for the people that live in or near them. But there are also wider implications of their benefit to the world as CO2 sinks.

I purchased the Sigma 150 mm 2.8 macro lens and ring flash last year and have been genuinely impressed by both its optics and build quality. I am currently photographing a variety of insect life in the forest floor in Borneo. The combination of Sigma’s fast macro lens and ring flash is proving invaluable for my task! It is also a fantastic portrait lens for wildlife when the opportunity comes to take photographs in a closer range.

My website is http://www.agoodplace.co.uk

Orangutan Foundation website http://www.orangutan.org.uk