SIGMA UK Ambassador Karl Holtby featured in “Made in Aizu” movie

SIGMA UK Ambassador Karl Holtby featured in “Made in Aizu” movie

Photographer Karl Holtby has been a long time SIGMA fan and was first introduced to #SIGMAUK when he shared his striking Bluebell image taken with the SIGMA 10-20mm F3.5 EX DC HSM lens on our Facebook page. Since then he has worked with many of the Sigma Global Vision products and is now entering his second year as an Official SIGMA Camera Ambassador.

I was introduced to Sigma cameras in 2013, ever since I have predominantly shot with the SIGMA Foveon sensor cameras. I find that the foveon sensor gives a real depth and unique feel to my imagery, the foveon look often compared to medium format. Not only do my favourite Sigma cameras such as the DP0 Quattro and more recently the SD Quattro-H suit my style of imagery, I also find them a real pleasure to use, being solidly built and with all the functions I need, without a myriad of menus that I would never use. This ease of use, particularly via the ‘Quick Start’ menu, allows the photographer instant access to key functions.”

“Over these past few years, I suspect that some of the features of the Sigma cameras have swayed me in a certain direction. I’d describe myself as a fine-art landscape photographer, preferring to shoot a more intimate scene than a super wide vista, or perhaps a detailed study of ecological processes at work in the landscape. This emerging style has been helped by the ability to compose my images very accurately in camera, setting the aspect ratio of choice, usually 4:3 or 1:1. Composition is of utmost priority to me, working between these two aspect ratios helps me to very carefully consider the placement of elements within the frame”.

~ Karl Holtby

Karl’s images are a regular feature on Sigma Imaging UK Ltd. social media pages and he is a great collaborator in helping us deliver the rewarding benefits of using a SIGMA Foveon sensor camera. He is an inspiration to other photographers and offers his techniques and insight with his bespoke workshops. We are extremely delighted to see Karl’s work grow to global recognition with the exhibit of his Foveon based images in China, a feature in the SIGMA Corporation SEIN magazine and now a feature in the new Aizu movie. Congratulations Karl Holtby on your continued successes! You are a pleasure to work with and we are proud to have you represent the Foveon photographers of the UK!