My year with the SIGMA fp camera [August 2020] by photographer Stuart Pitkin

My year with the SIGMA fp camera [August 2020] by photographer Stuart Pitkin

One of my favourite local walks is along an under cliff path that runs close to my home. The path follows the base of the cliffs and is a favourite with locals for exercising and cycling. It’s also a good spot to stand and just watch the sea, especially on a stormy day when the waves crash on to the concrete sea defences, sending up plumes of salty spray. Some of these defences are large rough-cut granite blocks that show scars from being drilled out of a mountainside. Others are made of concrete and look like scattered oversized Tetris pieces. For those that weren’t of a particular age in the 1980s, Tetris was a tile-matching computer game.

What becomes evident while looking at these structures is the constant battle between man and nature. The series of photographs in this month’s blog aim to illustrate this conflict. I chose mostly to photograph in black and white as this conveyed the feeling of the brutalism between the blocks and the enveloping white of the sea spray. Not everything is black and white though, in one of the photographs I chose to use colour to show how nature attempts to soften the hard rough surface of the granite blocks with a cloak of green algae.

Autumn is now approaching, and the beaches are gradually being reclaimed by nature. The holiday season is over for another year.

Sigma Lounge fp blog Aug 2020-(6)
Sigma Lounge fp blog Aug 2020-(4)
Sigma Lounge fp blog Aug 2020-(3)
Sigma Lounge fp blog Aug 2020-(2)
Sigma Lounge fp blog Aug 2020 (5)
Sigma Lounge fp blog Aug 2020 (1)

Stuart used the full-frame SIGMA fp and 45mm F2.8 DG DN | C to capture this series of images. This is the smallest and lightest full-frame camera-lens combo on the market, making it perfect for shooting on the go.

fp top down with 45mm

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