My year with the SIGMA fp camera [July 2020] by photographer Stuart Pitkin

My year with the SIGMA fp camera [July 2020] by photographer Stuart Pitkin

Displaying flowers in the home is a simple pleasure, and by bringing the outdoors in, is a great way to feel connected to nature. It also helps lift the spirits, which is important during these difficult times.

I started thinking about the transient beauty of flowers and their limited life in our homes. As soon as the petals start to drop and the leaves wilt, the temptation is to throw them away. But the process of decay as the flowers die can reveal a different type of beauty, so this month I have used this as my focus – I hope my photographs allow their fading beauty to survive for a little longer.

Currently I am using the 45mm F2.8 Contemporary lens on the SIGMA fp. I find the lens very adaptable and of course the overall size is incredibly compact. Using the 45mm for this month’s project let me take advantage of its ability to focus as close as 24cm, which allowed me to get quite close to the subject. My set-up was fairly straightforward, making use of directional daylight, and underexposing slightly, for rich colours and detail in the highlights.

The plain backgrounds, which are either plain black or textured handmade paper, help eliminate any distractions and focus attention on the subtle details of the flowers.

Sigma Lounge, July 2020-1

Alec’s Red Rose, a classic large flowering hybrid tea rose with an outstanding rich, sweet fragrance.

Sigma Lounge, July 2020-2

A dried, unopened cardoon flower head, also called the artichoke thistle. This example looks as if it is carved from wood. The photograph is in full colour even though it looks monochromatic.

Sigma Lounge, July 2020-3

Commonly known as honesty, Lunaria annua is an old-fashioned cottage garden plant, known more for its seeds than its flowers. The Latin name Lunaria means moon-like and refers to the shape and appearance of the seedpods.

Sigma Lounge, July 2020-4

A peony in a slightly dishevelled state but still holding together.

Sigma Lounge, July 2020-5

A trio of daisies

Sigma Lounge, July 2020-6

A wilting young sunflower, desperately trying to keep its head up.

Sigma Lounge, July 2020-7

An agapanthus seed head in the afternoon sunlight. I love the graphic quality of this photograph – to me it looks like a freeze-frame of a seed explosion!

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