Tyger – Drama filled film shot with SIGMA Classic Cine lenses

Tyger – Drama filled film shot with SIGMA Classic Cine lenses

Can you shoot a whole film using SIGMA Cine Classic lenses? Yes you can!

Cinematographer Ariel Artur has solely used the SIGMA Cine Classic lenses on the upcoming feature film Tyger directed by Alexander Milo Bischof, as they add texture and artistic lens flare to each scene.

Tyger is currently being shown at film festivals and will have a full release in 2024! Watch the gripping trailer below and see the SIGMA Cine Classic lenses in action.

“The Sigma FF Classic primes offered soft contrast and natural tones while retaining sharpness throughout the entire range, being the perfect match for the story we wanted to tell on “Tyger”. Much of the narrative was planned for daylight exteriors from the streets of Margate to the landscape across Lake District and finally in Scotland, so it was crucial to work with a set of lenses that would provide naturalistic colour rendering and crisp details. Initially, we discussed shooting on S16 but decided to go digital for the flexibility on the road; we still wanted to emulate some of the texture from 70’s street photography and after testing with many options, the Classics were an easy choice. They invited us to embrace sunset flares and the misty glow from city night lights, working flawlessly from big panoramas to intimate close-ups. These lenses have an outstanding filmic look for modern sensors.” – Ariel Artur DP

Feature, UK (2022)
After his release from prison, an ex-soldier embarks on a journey to Scotland in an attempt to reunite with his family.

Dir: Alexander Milo Bischof
Cinematographer: Ariel Artur
Production company: Stave Hill Films
Script: Dylan Edwards, Alexander Milo Bischof
Cast: Dylan Edwards, Laura Haddock, Shaun Dooley, Natasha O’Keeffe, Ben Aldridge, Alfie Stewart, Pearl Mackie

IMDB – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt15527214

Teaser Trailer – https://vimeo.com/741360814