Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM | A , Sigma DP Merrill series receive Camera Grandprix Japan 2013 Award

The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce that the SIGMA 35mm F1.4 DG HSM has won the “Camera GP 2013 Lens of The Year”, and SIGMA DP Merrill series has won the “Camera GP2013 Editors Award”.
This is second award for SIGMA 35mm F1.4 DG HSM after “2013 BEST EXPERT DSLR LENS” by TIPA (The Technical Image Press Association) organization, of which members from 14 countries mainly in Europe.

Product Name: Name of Award
SIGMA 35mm F1.4 DG HSM : Camera GP 2013 Lens of The Year
SIGMA DP1 Merrill,DP2 Merrill,DP3 Merrill : Camera GP 2013 Editors Award 

[Reasons of Award]

SIGMA 35mm F1.4 DG HSM
The fast single focal-length lens to fit high-resolution 35mm full-frame DSLRs materializes highly detailed images even at full aperture to capture excellent images even at picture edges. Even though its reasonable price, it contains carefully selected glass materials and metal parts plus a high-grade appearance to satisfy the ownership. Upon considering the above, the “Camera Grand Prix 2013 Lens of the Year is given to the lens.

SIGMA DP1 Merrill?DP2 Merrill?DP3 Merrill
The manufacturer incorporates the Foveon X3 sensor (effective 46 megapixels) of the flagship DSLR SD1 Merrill’s in compact camera bodies of the above three models. Combined with specially designed lenses, these cameras achieved high definition images with quality comparable to medium-format cameras. While many “premium compact” cameras were introduced by camera makers in 2012, Sigma challenged the mainstream by the introduction of these three models by optimizing different view angles and pursuing high quality images with different focal length fixed lenses that no other manufacturer would produce. Upon this achievement, the Camera Grand Prix 2013 Editors Award is given to the above three models.

The Sigma Corporation is committed to continue the development of outstanding products that will answer the wide variety of customers’ needs in the future.

About Camera Grandprix
The Camera Grand Prix is held by the Camera Journal Press Club (C.J.P.C. /Japan), and operated by C.J.P.C.’s Camera Grand Prix Executive Committee. C.J.P.C. was established in September 1963, with the purpose of providing its readers with reliable and in-depth stories about the photography industry and photographic equipment. In 2010, C.J.P.C. formed a partnership with TIPA (The Technical Image Press Association), a group of 30 photo and film magazines from 14 countries mainly in Europe, confirming that both groups would collaborate on their awards for mutual development.
The Camera Grand Prix is, since its starting in 1984, considered one of the widely recognized camera awards and a symbolic tribute to the camera industry. For selection of “Camera of the Year,” the best still camera introduced on the Japanese market within the past year, and “Lens of the Year” a category which was established in 2011, a judging committee is involved, which comprises C.J.P.C. members, editorial directors (or publishers) of C.J.P.C. member publications, external committee members outsourced by the Camera Grand Prix executive committee including academic experts, technical writers, professional photographers. “Editors Award” was selected from among all photography-related equipment, judged by C.J.P.C. members. As the above, at present four award categories are provided for the Camera Grand Prix.