Sigma Mark 1
Introduced 1976

Sigma MK1

Sigma’s XQ range will have information added as it becomes available – we don’t have the original PR for this era. The YS – Yamaki System – lenses used interchangeable mounts in order to meet the growing SLR market’s wide variety of bodies. Unlike many adaptor systems, the YS allowed auto aperture and metering.

Lens: M42 screw-mount
Shutter: Copal metal square
Shutter speeds: B-1000 (sync at 1/125)
Viewfinder: SLR (fresnel, microprism)

Exposure Meter: CdS with match needle, stop-down metering,
ASA settings: 25-1600
Battery: 675 1.3v mercury
PC X and M Sync terminals, optional accessory shoe


  • Electronic Flash Synchronization at 125 setting. (at all shutter speeds from 1/125 sec. to 1 sec. and ‘B’
  • M class bulb synchronisation at all shutter speeds