Sigma Photo Pro 6.0.2 software download

Sigma Imaging UK Ltd is pleased to announce that SIGMA Photo Pro 6.0.2 for Windows and SIGMA Photo Pro 6.0.2 for Macintosh is available for download. This latest version is compatible with the RAW data taken by the SIGMA dp2 Quattro.

The latest version, SIGMA Photo Pro 6.0, is only compatible with the RAW data of the Quattro series, Merrill series and SIGMA SD1. For those who have RAW data taken with SIGMA cameras other than the above mentioned models, please edit them with the conventional SIGMA Photo Pro 5.5.3 until the next version, SIGMA Photo Pro 6.1.0 will be available. We are planning to announce SIGMA Photo Pro 6.1 in August.

Benefits of the latest SIGMA Photo Pro software:

For Windows
It has corrected the phenomenon that the software does not save images properly when SIGMA Photo Pro 6 is launched by double-clicking the X3F data or drag-and-drop of the image file directly on the software’s icon.
It has corrected the phenomenon that it occasionally fails to open the print window and preview window for printing.

For Mac
It corrects the issue where the message suggests the operation of “lldb command tool” or inserting password is displayed either when the working color space is set to Adobe RGB and 100% enlargement is performed or when the application is closed using a short cut key.
It has corrected the phenomena that the operation speed of the software slowed down in some occasions and took a long time to open folders.

SIGMA Photo Pro 6.0 for Windows and Macintosh are available for download at the following site.