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Please complete this form and enclose a printed copy (sent to you via email) with your product when returning it to Sigma Imaging (UK) Ltd.

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    Lens Hood (A01)Lens Cap (A02)Lens Cap Adapter (A25)Back Cap (A03)Body Cap (A04)Tripod Bush (A21)Filter (A05)Case (A06)Strap (A07)Camera (A23)Battery (A16)Lithium Battery (A17)Eye Piece Cap (A19)Lens (A22)APS-C Hood Adapter (A32)Remote (A24)Flashgun (A26)Power/Vertical Grip (A31)Memory Card (A28)Compact Disc (A27)Box (A08)Guarantee Card (A09)Receipt (A10)Instructions (A11)

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    Please complete a separate form for any additional items you are returning for repair.