Wild Planet Photo E-Book

A Guide to Instantly Improving Your Wildlife Photography

Wherever we are in our photographic journey, we know that it takes more than just great kit to help us improve. We all strive to master our craft and capture stunning imagery – and that takes practice and dedication.

Most of us have stopped in our tracks at some point, captivated by a particular shot and thought ‘How did they do that?’. In this series, we reached out to six authentic SIGMA users to bring you the faces, techniques and stories behind some extraordinary images, as these photographers share their methods, passions and insights.

Learn how to grasp a sound understanding of your subject with Russell Savory, conquer the art of composition with Roger Reynolds and enter the realm of marvellous macro photography with Victoria Hillman. If improving emotional connection with your subject is on your photography wish-list, Keith Connelly has it covered, while Brian Slade offers must-read advice on photographing nature on your doorstep. In addition, a whistle-stop world tour with one of the UK’s most well-travelled wildlife photographers, Mark Sisson, also awaits, to help you plan that trip of a lifetime.

Whatever you plan to capture next, this eBook, brought to you by SIGMA Imaging UK, is guaranteed to inspire. 

Click on the image below to open and download an E-Book version of the six articles that were featured in Wild Planet Photo magazine: