UPDATE: Development of SIGMA’s three-layer image sensor

SIGMA would like to share the development status of its three-layer image sensor as of 21 February 2022.
Development of the sensor is currently under way and can be roughly divided into the following three stages:

Stage 1
Repeated design simulations of the new three-layer structure to confirm that it will function as intended.

Stage 2
Prototype evaluation using a small image sensor with the same pixel size as the product specifications but with
a reduced total pixel count to verify the performance characteristics of the image sensor in practice.

Stage 3
Final prototype evaluation using a full-frame image sensor with the same specifications, including the AD converter, etc.

We believe that these three stages are necessary to the development of this sensor, and we are currently in the process of creating the prototype sensor for Stage 2. Based on the evaluation results of the prototype sensor, we will decide whether to proceed to Stage 3 or to review the design data and re-prototype Stage 2.
When we proceed to Stage 3, we will verify the mass-producibility of the sensor with research institutes and manufacturing vendors based on the evaluation results, and then make a final decision on whether or not to go ahead with mass production.
Although we have not yet reached the stage where we can announce a specific schedule for mass production, we are determined to do our best to bring this camera to market as soon as possible.

I would like to thank all of you for your continued support of SIGMA.
Kazuto Yamaki
Chief Executive Officer, SIGMA Corporation

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